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Recent Client Loan Closings

  • My client was a first time buyer that was unable to qualify for a loan recently because her credit scores were below the minimum of 620 for VA financing. In order for her to qualify we first ran a "credit analyzer" on her credit report so we could determine what debts we had to pay down and rearrange in order to get her scores increased for qualifying. After paying down 2 credit cards we then performed a rapid re-score on her credit, and in less than 1 week we were able to get her scores increased over 50 points so she could now qualify for a loan. I am happy to say she just closed escrow on her new home and she is now a happy first time home buyer.  
  • Helped a First time homebuyer with 550 credit scores qualify to buy his first home. He was unable to qualify for FHA financing at first, I raised his credit scores 50 points in 21 days by paying down and re arranging his credit card debt, this enabled him to qualify for 96.5% financing. 
  • Helped client payoff $54k in credit card debt and save over $1,550 a month in cash, referred client to my financial adviser who helped client reinvest the savings into two retirement accounts.
  • Helped client buy three investment properties. Was able to get 20% down financing on all properties.