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Michaels Mortgage Blog

January 15th, 2022, by Michael Deery

During 2020, 40% of all home buyers were first time buyers. Over 80% of these first time buyers use low down payment programs to purchase a home. ​Not enough first time or millennial buyers know about the different low down payment options available to help them buy a home. Check out the Top 4 purchase programs available for first time buyers.

January 12th, 2022 by Michael Deery

With the increase in home values and home equity in California over the past several years, many homeowners are tapping into their home equity and borrowing cash-out to pay for home renovation projects, college tuition, a down payment to purchase a new property, or to consolidate credit cards. There are 4 loan programs you can use to refinance and borrow cash-out, they are Conventional, FHA and VA financing, and Portfolio financing. Check out how to qualify for each loan program.

January 10th, 2022, by Michael Deery

Our underwriters have been warning us about an increase in borrowers who are accidentally disqualifying their loan before funding. Here are the 9 most common mistakes that borrowers make, which may accidentally disqualify their loan before their loan funds.

January 8th, 2022, by Michael Deery

The 5% Down Conventional Jumbo Mortgage Program with No monthly mortgage insurance “PMI” is a great option for homebuyers who want to purchase a home in higher cost markets in California. With the current conventional jumbo loan limits, a buyer can purchase a home up to $760k in Los Angeles and Orange County, and $725k in San Diego with only 5% down and No monthly PMI. All of the down payment can be gifted too. Check out how to qualify.

January 5th 2022, by Michael Deery

Most home buyers today assume they need to put down 20% to eliminate the monthly mortgage insurance “PMI” on a mortgage, I probably get asked this question as much as any other when it comes to mortgages. With Conventional financing, you only have to put down 3% to remove the monthly PMI to purchase a home up to $500k, and only 5% to remove the monthly PMI on a home purchase up to $725k. Instead of waiting to save up more money for the down payment to try and purchase a home while home prices and rates continue to rise, you can buy a home and put down as little as 3% or 5% with this program. Check out how to qualify.

January 2nd 2022, by Michael Deery

Buying an investment property is one of the best financial investments you can make. With annual rents continuing to increase on average 3% – 4% in many parts of California, and rental vacancy rates at 30-year lows, purchasing an investment property is a great source of additional income. I summarized 4 different loan programs that are available to help you purchase an investment property.